Welcome to AL3 Consulting

We provide Technology solutions for the Insurance Industry. Our core service is an easy to implement, affordable, out of the box solution to parse ACORD AL3 data file and map it to your backend database.

Easy to Implement

AL3 Consulting Services

ACORD AL3 Service

Our core service is to provide an easy to implement and affordable ACORD AL3 Parsing solution.

AL3 Parser Component

Our AL3 parser is available as a binary .net dll that you can add as a reference to your Project, and then use it in your code.

AL3 Parser Web Service

Our AL3 parser is also available as a Web Service that you can add as a web reference to your Project and use it.

AL3 to Custom Mapping

Our optional advanced Data Mapping solution allows you to map AL3 data fields directly to your Database Fields.

AL3 to your Format

Our system does the AL3 processing for you and can output it in XML, JSON, CSV or any other format you prefer.

Support and Documents

We will provide you code samples and documentation that will help you quickly implement our solution.

ACORD AL3 Parser

The AL3 Parser utility can be used to process an AL3 format file, and it is very easy!

All you have to do in the code behind is to create an instance of the AL3 object, and call the ProcessFile method as follows.